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Sep 08

10 ways you can help young people worship God

One of the most common questions I get asked as a youth advisor is how do you help young people engage in worship? It’s an important question and one that we need to take time to consider carefully. It always delights me when I get asked this question because it means the questioner is thinking …

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Jul 07

All you need to host your own youth prayer night

This week’s blog post is a bit different. I want to make available to you a resource to download. As youth leaders, we are all looking for new, creative ways to engage young people in prayer and to harness their attention and passion for God. One such way of doing this is by use of …

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Jan 14

Seeing God in the school corridors

School is where most young people spend the majority of their time each week and so the church needs to work hard at helping them and encouraging them to live for God whilst at school. I find that often students haven’t thought about school from God’s perspective. It is as if it is just something …

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Oct 23

The best way to start your youth group session

Some people don’t take games seriously enough. Games are not designed simply to be time fillers or merely obligatory activities because we work with young people. Games and ice breakers are much more important than that. In fact, I believe, without them an otherwise inspiring, faith-growing youth group session may fall flat on its face. …

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Oct 03

Dealing with difficult and distruptive behaviour

I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I, and my fellow leaders, were crouching below the ceiling-height window in the office in our local youth centre, hoping that the young people outside would stop throwing bricks, calm down and just go home. Surely we had got something wrong here? It felt like we …

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Sep 23

Scrabble worship

Worship is an important part of any Christian youth group session. This is different to any response or prayer time which comes towards the end of the session and focuses on any teaching challenges that there might have been. This is simply a chance to give each young person an opportunity to connect with God …

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