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The best way to start your youth group session

Some people don’t take games seriously enough. Games are not designed simply to be time fillers or merely obligatory activities because we work with young people. Games and ice breakers are much more important than that. In fact, I believe, without them an otherwise inspiring, faith-growing youth group session may fall flat on its face. …

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Scrabble worship

Worship is an important part of any Christian youth group session. This is different to any response or prayer time which comes towards the end of the session and focuses on any teaching challenges that there might have been. This is simply a chance to give each young person an opportunity to connect with God …

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Firm Foundation 4: Fun

I visited a church youth group once where the content was good, there was a good bible study, good discussion, biblical teaching and yet the whole time it just felt, well, awkward. I couldn’t put my finger on what was missing, and then I worked it out. Fun. There was not a single laugh from …

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