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Jun 29

Where are all the leaders?

I am not sure what the definition of crisis is or what a situation has to be like to be described as ‘in crisis’ but it does seem that, for many within our churches, ‘youth ministry is in crisis’ is a realistic opinion. “We just don’t see young people in our church anymore” and “what …

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Dec 01

A simple guide to finding more youth leaders and helpers

One of the most common frustrations I hear from youth ministers, youth leaders and church leaders alike, is how there are not enough adults involved with the youth ministry and how there aren’t people able to get involved. This is often the primary reason for a church to consider employing a youth worker. I struggle …

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Nov 21

Thrive is helping more people to become youth workers

As Thrive continues to minister to the Church, we have experienced not only a hunger but a desire within many churches to grow youth ministers in support of their youth ministry. Our concern is, how do we grow and maintain a sustainable youth ministry in our churches today? As part of Thrive’s response to this …

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Jun 08

Should we call youth workers something more helpful?

If you know me, or have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that for some time I have not been a fan of the term ‘youth worker’. It seems to be the default title churches give when they employ someone, full time or part time, to develop their youth ministry within …

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Sep 30

So you want to employ a youth worker. Really?

Are you a church that is struggling along with its youth work? It’s tough, isn’t it? ‘If only we could have more time, more energy, more volunteers. Then we might have more young people. More young people would bring fresh vitality to us as a church. We have to employ a youth worker. Someone who …

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Jun 10

5 ways to effectively line manage your youth worker

Line management, for many, is an under-valued tool in the church leader’s toolkit. It is our primary means of investing in those on our team and yet many leaders don’t give any time to thinking about how to best invest. I have known fantastic line managers and I have known terrible ones. What is perhaps …

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