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Top 10 most viewed blog posts of 2017

As it is a new year, it can often be interesting to look back on the previous year and see which of Thrive’s blog posts have had the most views. In 2017, Thrive’s website had 14,000 different visitors (up 11.7% on 2016), viewing a total of almost 90k pages. Inevitably, the most viewed posts have …

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A simple guide to finding more youth leaders and helpers

One of the most common frustrations I hear from youth ministers, youth leaders and church leaders alike, is how there are not enough adults involved with the youth ministry and how there aren’t people able to get involved. This is often the primary reason for a church to consider employing a youth worker. I struggle …

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Stop doing everything!

One of the things we are working hard to do at Thrive is to stop churches using the term youth worker. Instead, we want churches to use youth minister or, even better, youth mission enabler. If a job title describes your role, these subtle differences have massive impact. For too long youth workers have been …

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Book Review – ‘Parenting Children for a life of purpose’ by Rachel Turner

This book offers practical and helpful suggestions as to how we as parents can encourage our children to make good decisions and show they have the power and authority to make a difference.  It gives various examples of how you can take everyday situations and circumstances and provide opportunities for empowering your children to listen …

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A major shift is needed in our youth ministry

If you have read some of the research appearing in the Christian press over the last year, you will realise that church youth ministry is in a difficult place. There is a reality of how the Church has lost its confidence in youth ministry, with one report suggesting that 53% of churches that ‘do’ youth …

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Your age is not a barrier to working with young people

It is probably the most common issue I face when working with a local church, trying to grapple with the challenge of reaching out and discipling teenagers: ‘We want to do it but we are all too old!’ The question I have is whether this is a justified response or just a convenient excuse? The …

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