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Mar 29

It’s not what you can’t do, it’s what you can!

I visited a local church recently to talk to them about the work of Thrive. After the service, I had several different conversations with individuals over coffee about what we do and about what they might do to work with young people. I noticed that a few of them referred to the bigger, ‘successful’ church …

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Oct 12

We need to rethink our youth ministry

The way most churches do youth ministry is no longer working. It is apparent to most of us. We are seeing the numbers of young people in churches decreasing year after year. We can watch them leave. We can get frustrated or disappointed. What about if we do something about it? I want to suggest …

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Jul 06

How to start a mentoring scheme in your church

Mentoring young people is a great way to disciple in the 21st Century. It doesn’t matter whether you have lots of young people within your church or just one; mentoring invests in the individual. It takes place at a time that is mutually convenient and can be transformative for the young person. Over the years …

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Jun 29

Where are all the leaders?

I am not sure what the definition of crisis is or what a situation has to be like to be described as ‘in crisis’ but it does seem that, for many within our churches, ‘youth ministry is in crisis’ is a realistic opinion. “We just don’t see young people in our church anymore” and “what …

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Jun 15

Five steps to a faith-professing life

When I speak to different churches, the existence of their youth ministry is, more often than not, based on their history and evolution rather than on their vision and strategy for the future. We talk about why young people are drifting away from their church or are no longer interested. From my experience I don’t …

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Jan 19

Strength in Weakness and other struggles of being a youth leader

When I was just starting out in youth ministry full time, I was based in a church in West Ewell in Surrey. I was training with Oasis Trust on their Christian Youth Ministry Programme. I was in my mid twenties and loving being able to grow in this ministry. A local youth worker from a …

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