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Youth worker or youth minister: what’s in a name?

Six or so years into my ten years at St Stephen’s Church, Twickenham, I changed my job title from Youth Worker to Youth Pastor. This was due to us taking on a second youth worker and wanting to distinguish between the roles. Actually, reflecting back I wish I had gone for youth minister instead, but …

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Ten ways to enable a youth minister to thrive

The average length in post in youth ministry is painfully short (estimates of around 2 years being the average). This is heartbreaking as these are people who have sacrificed the opportunities of secular occupations to commit full time to building God’s Church and seeing his kingdom grow. I believe the next generation will never properly …

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How to lead engaging small group discussions

It’s every youth leader’s worst nightmare. You are leading a discussion with a small group of young people except ‘discussion’ is the most ironic term to describe what’s happening. You ask a question and no one speaks. All eyes are facing the floor so there is no risk of catching someone else’s eye. it feels …

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