Luke Distin is sixteen years old and volunteers for Thrive as our Staff Team Assistant. Since September, Luke has been taking part in our Youth Growing Leaders course. This year we are running two programmes: one based in Leamington Spa and one in Coventry. We asked Luke to tell us how the course is going and the difference it is making to him…

“Over the last few months I have had the privilege of being one of the young people involved in Thrive’s Youth Growing Leaders programme. This has been a really amazing and inspiring course that has let me learn loads about both myself and God.

The first session had both groups (Leamington and Coventry) come together and spend 24 hours with one another. It was fairly scary at first when I walked in. I barely knew anyone and had no idea what was going to happen. However I spent the weekend learning about God, what it means to be a Christian leader, how to follow in the example that Christ set, as well as learning about different styles of leading and what style of leading suits me best. I also spent the weekend getting to know some amazing young people who are all as excited to learn about Jesus, and grow as a Christian, as I am!

The next few sessions were all on the first Monday of the month from October to December. In these various sessions I only met with my group of growing leaders (Leamington). However in these sessions I was able to not only grow my relationships with these amazing young people, but also learn more about myself and how to be discerning as a leader.

The latest session we’ve had was the second 24 hour session. Both the Leamington and Coventry groups came together again. In this session everyone was a lot more comfortable with each other and was ready and eager to learn about their calling in life and what gifts and talents we’ve been given by God and how to use them. Everyone who came mingled and got on well with each other. There was a clear buzz the entire 24 hours and there were many occasions where God was speaking to many of the young people (myself included). Overall it was a great 24 hours where I grew as a person and in my faith and was able to spend time and get to know some quality people.

The whole course has been really enjoyable and I’m looking forward to the next meeting so I can learn more about what it means to be a leader in Christ.”

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