Jun 16

Use technology to read the Bible regularly

Last week I led a youth session on how to read the Bible online. The purpose was to enable young people to realise that just because they might not read books much, it doesn’t mean they can’t read the Bible. Technology is an everyday part of life for many. I compiled a list of some sites and apps they might like to explore and thought it might be useful to share with you. These links may help you in your regular Bible times and also be useful for sharing with your teenagers.

So many people have easy access to the internet today, young people especially. One lad said to me that he wouldn’t want to read the Bible on his computer because he might get distracted and play something else on the computer. I suggested that maybe he might try and get distracted from other sites and read the Bible!


Here are some websites which would be worth spending some time on and exploring:

wordlive.org  This is a fantastic daily devotions website from Scripture Union. There are different ways to connect with the passage and you can read it or listen to it.

biblegateway.com  Is a great site for searching the Bible, finding how many times words appear and for finding link articles.

ucb.co.uk/word4u2day  Is a youth version of their adult daily devotions and can be accessed by email and other social media. They give a verse each day and something connected to it to think about. Very quick and easy to access.

verseoftheday.com  Does exactly what it says – shares a specific Bible verse each day.



So many young people now have smart phones or digital tablets. There are plenty of apps worth exploring and which can enable people to be reading the Bible on their school journey without anyone even knowing!

Youversion  – this is probably the most common and has so much to offer. Not only are there many different translations of the Bible to read (and some to hear) but also there are plenty of devotions streams which you can follow, including ones specifically for young people. The great thing about this app is that if you miss a day or two, with just one click it catches you back up as if you never missed any days!

Red Letter Days (iOS version, Android version) – this is a simple app that aims to help the user read the words of Jesus each day. It is short, quick and easy to share. Also, just shake your phone for a new verse!

Glo Bible – this one was popular with the group as it is interactive, includes maps and allows you to go deeper into the Bible. Well worth exploring.

Bible in One Year – this one is probably not for most teenagers unless they are particularly mature. It is produced by HTB and enables you to read through the Bible in one year, with commentary from Nicky & Pippa Gumbel.  Really excellent app.



We looked at Twitter briefly. More young people are using Twitter than Facebook these days (and are probably even moving away from this as we speak!). There are plenty of streams worth following if you want a daily Bible verse to appear in your twitter feed. Here are a few:






Finally, we explored podcasts. This is sometimes an underused area of the internet but it is now so simple to download talks, radio shows and discussions to your smartphone. Here are a few definitely worth exploring:

You’ve Got The Time  – this is a podcast from Bible Society and features Riding Lights Theatre Company dramatising the New Testament. It was free to download on iTunes but doesn’t seem to be available at the moment, but you can purchase it from Bible Society’s website.

wordlive podcast – produced by Scripture Union, this is a great daily podcast to help you reflect and pray.

pray-as-you-go  – not very youth friendly, as it is perhaps too meditative and traditional in its flavour and music, but an excellent resource to share.

21 Days Bible Reading Challenge – you don’t have to read the Bible on paper. Encourage non book readers to take this challenge to read 21 key parts of the Bible.

Finally, I have got to point out The Bible Experience. These are not free but are available as audiobooks and are by far the best recording of the Bible that I have heard. Yes, it is American, but the quality is excellent. They used some of the world’s best actors and musicians and the end result is worth spending money on. Samuel L Jackson as God is unforgettable!


The challenge is to explore these different links and then choose one for which you will focus on for the week ahead.  Let me know if you take up the challenge and which one you choose.

Please leave a comment below or suggest other online resources which you use.