Nov 21

Thrive is helping more people to become youth workers

As Thrive continues to minister to the Church, we have experienced not only a hunger but a desire within many churches to grow youth ministers in support of their youth ministry. Our concern is, how do we grow and maintain a sustainable youth ministry in our churches today? As part of Thrive’s response to this we have partnered with Reign Ministries.

Who are Reign Ministries?

Reign Ministries are located in Bicester. They are an organisation that exists to see Jesus’ strategy of disciple making inspire a movement through the Church among young people. To do this Reign equips men and women for youth ministry, a ministry that we see portrayed by Jesus in the gospels. They do this by offering an intensive degree programme, a gap year programme, and through training volunteers. Reign’s degree programme prepares the student spiritually, practically, academically, and relationally for a life in youth ministry so that on completion of the programme of study they are equipped to establish and grow a disciple making youth ministry modelled on the passion and priorities of Jesus.

Why partner with Reign Ministries?

At Thrive we are passionate about encouraging, equipping and empowering men and women for the long haul in youth ministry. In partnership with Reign, we are actively committed to supporting the placement church and the student youth minister throughout the three year degree programme. It is our hope at Thrive that we will see many churches invest in this approach to youth ministry and in doing so experience a more purposeful and fruitful ministry.

How can a local church invest in youth ministry, or enable a person to explore their calling?

Get in touch with Thrive Youth Ministries and a member of our team will be able to talk to you and explore with you ways in which you can get involved.