Jul 03

Thrive gathers Children’s & Family Ministers together

Over the last twelve months or so, Thrive has been considering developing its ministry to include those who work with children. Over this same time period, interestingly churches have been starting to employ more leaders to work with this age group. As a result, Thrive decided to gather these leaders together.

Children playingAndy Castle met with four such leaders, coming from St Mark’s Leamington, St Paul’s Leamington, Kenilworth Methodist Church and Castle Hill Baptist Church in Warwick.

It was great to meet up and to share some of the joys and some of the frustrations of leading this age group. There was discussion about how we make the most of the evangelistic opportunities there are to reach out and to serve families which wouldn’t normally have any contact with church. It was encouraging to hear how much work is being done across the area and the difference that is being made in our communities.

We had a chance to pray together and to ask God to continue to lead us in our different roles and to pray ahead to various meetings and holiday clubs soon to take place.

The meeting went so well that it was decided that we should meet every half term, but we are squeezing an extra one in during July so we can pray for the busy summer holidays ahead. Whilst for many of us, the summer months are a chance to relax and kick back a bit, please spare a moment to pray for all those who run holiday clubs, camps and youth programmes. These leaders have very busy summers!

Thrive is exploring how to extend its support to those who lead with children because, for many churches, this is where they need to develop and grow. They need to do this before they can even start to consider what youth ministry might look like for them. If we can help them grow their children’s work, then the hope is that in a few years’ time, there will be a group of young people, aged ten or eleven year olds, to enable some kind of youth work to be started. Thrive’s goal is to see every church in our area have some kind of meaningful youth ministry.

If your church has an employed leader working with children and families, then do get in touch so they can be invited to the next gathering.