Thrive Mentoring offers a chance to meet up with one of the team to chat through the joys of ministry and to grapple together with the current issues and challenges. Meetings can be as regular or as irregular as is required. Some people meet up monthly, others less often.

Thrive Mentoring is tailored to the individual leader so there is scope for goal setting, accountability, exploring vision and strategy, personal development and encouraging new ideas to emerge.

Thrive Mentoring is designed to inspire, encourage and motivate the youth leader. Depending on your area of ministry, we will allocate one of Thrive’s team who will meet with you, one-to-one, usually in a nice coffee shop!

Andy Castle works alongside those involved in youth ministry.

Fiona Stutton helps those involved in children’s ministry.

Graham Hayes gets alongside those who are studying for youth ministry and serving a church at the same time.

Youth & children’s leaders can be mentored, whether employed or voluntary, and the aim is to support and encourage them and to nurture their leadership development as a youth/children’s practitioner.

To find out more, contact the team via this contact form.

“Being mentored by Andy (Thrive) has had such a positive impact on me personally and on my role as Youth Minister. I have space each week to share what is on my heart for the young people and church and always leave with a plan of action or steps to take. I know Andy genuinely cares about young people and their growth spiritually and emotionally and about me in the role I am in. His wisdom and experience has helped me to create strategies and find ways forward in many situations.
Kate Wallis, Youth Minister, St Paul’s Church, Leamington
“Having a mentor that isn’t connected directly to my church is one of the most helpful things in my ministry. I can have conversations about church ministry without having a bias answer given to me. It is great that I can tap into the experience of Andy and the wisdom he has while also having him as a soundboard for my outlandish ideas. It is an environment where I can vent, cry and laugh about all the things that ministry life throws at me. I always come away encouraged and challenged in my walk with Jesus.”
Jamie Moir, Youth & Children’s Worker, Saltisford Church