Thrive Mentoring offers a chance to meet up with Andy Castle to chat through the joys of ministry and to grapple together with the current issues and challenges. Meetings can be as regular or as irregular as is required. Some people meet up monthly, others less often.

Thrive Mentoring is tailored to the individual leader so there is scope for goal setting, accountability, exploring vision and strategy, personal development and encouraging new ideas to emerge.

Thrive Mentoring is designed to inspire, encourage and motivate the youth leader. Andy Castle will meet with you, one-to-one, usually in a nice coffee shop! Youth leaders can be mentored, whether employed or voluntary, and the aim is to support and encourage them and to nurture their leadership development as a youth practitioner.

To find out more, contact Andy via this contact form.

“I’ve always found Andy approachable, intelligent and thoughtful. He’s able to look at a situation from more than one perspective, and use his experience and considerable wisdom to advise, suggest and question. He quickly became for me a trusted colleague and companion along the way. In my experience his knowledge of the practical reality of living and working as a church employed youth or childrens’ worker is profound. This means he can sympathise quickly, help you to explore what you are working through, and suggest positive and prayerful ways forward. The church needs people with his wisdom!”
James Tennant, youth minister


“As a youth worker, Thrive has been really significant in helping facilitate the development of our youth ministry at St Marys. The time that I have been able to spend with Andy once a month, celebrating the great things going on and sharing the challenges, has been a great opportunity to regularly reflect on what God is doing and how we move forward in the youth ministry here.”
Char Bevan, youth and community leader, St Mary’s Church, Leamington