Mentoring Young People – training evening

Join us for an evening exploring how mentoring can be used effectively to disciple teenagers in your church.

Mentoring has become a bit of a buzz word in youth work over recent years but what is it and how might it help young people to grow more like Jesus in the 21st Century?

At this evening we will:

  • explore what we mean by mentoring
  • how it can be a useful tool in discipling young people
  • the skills needed to be a helpful mentor
  • how you can go about setting up a mentoring scheme in your church with your teenagers

This event will be useful for people who already mentor young people, as well as for churches who are looking for new ways to connect with their teenagers.

The event takes place at Castle Hill Baptist Church in Warwick, starting at 7.30pm on Wednesday 25th April.


Early bird tickets are £10 per person, if booked by 11th April.

Standard ticket prices is £15 per person.