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There are so many good books available to help the leader think about every aspect of youth ministry. Whether it is practical, hands-on advice you need or something to help you reflect on the theology and praxis of youth ministry, a book has been written about it!

The links and recommendations on this page should help you to build a worthy library of resources.

Most Recent

http://www.amazon.com/Top-Essential-books-Youth-Ministry  this is created by an American youth worker but it contains some good ideas for books worth reading

Pomomusings.com, top-10-youth-ministry-books. One youth minister’s suggested top 10 youth ministry books. Some really good recommendations for leaders who want to think about the theology and reasons behind what we do

www.amazon.co.uk/Essential-Youth-Ministry-Books  is a really good mix of practical books and books full of insight and reflection. A good list for any youth leader’s shelves

www.goodreads.com a useful mix of recommended books with links to reviews

10ofthose is a useful site if you are looking to buy a large number of the same book to give out, including Bibles, as they give bulk discounts

Christian Teens Top 8 Books for Youth Worker development and growth – provides a good summary of eight influential books for youth leaders.


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