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Teaching Resources

Looking for some ideas on a particular theme?

In a hurry and need a ready to use meeting guide?


Have a look through some of these pages for inspiration, follow the links to some great teaching materials.

  • Rethinking Youth Ministry offer lots of great ideas for teaching the Bible relevantly to young people. They include ideas for Advent and Lent, as well as creative video ideas.
  • Myfishbites.com offer ideas for the ‘God slot’ in an open youth club setting. Themes include happiness, fame and plastic surgery.
  • Myfishbites.com ready to use teaching sessions covering a range of subjects including Christmas, communion, music, persecuted and truth.
  • Youth Work Resource has a range of ready-to-use meetings which are set out to contain a variety of activities and revolve around a key theme, often a life issue or biblical issue.
  • Pastor2Youth you just need to register (for free) to be able to download content but there is a load of talk ideas and teaching suggestions. It is an American site so you may need to adapt some material to suit a UK group.
  • Break Free Youth Ministry a collection of meeting guides from various sources.
  • YouthWorker.com lots of free youth sessions (complete with handouts) with new content being added regularly. Unfortunately no search facility but material is worth looking through for inspiration.
  • CPAS have a few downloadable free resources on the subjects of relationships, Philippians, other faiths and discipleship.

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