Nov 21

Great start to our new children’s work hub gatherings

In November, we launched our first Children’s Work Hub in Leamington, where we invited all those who work with children under the age of eleven, to gather together and to share stories, ideas and frustrations.

hubIn total seven churches were represented, with leaders coming from a range of different churches. Some came in groups, while some came on their own, each eager to find out new ways of connecting with their children.

We began the evening by reflecting on the impact that we have on our children through our leadership roles. The story of Jesus healing the man lowered through the roof was told, looking at the lengths the four friends went to, to enable the paralysed man to meet Jesus.  It wasn’t straightforward, there were challenges along the way and it was compared to the obstacles we face when leading children to Jesus, but being encouraged to keep on going.

A number of questions on various topics were asked during the evening, providing opportunities to share suggestions and hear encouraging news of what other churches are doing, enabling leaders to discover fresh ideas that could help move their groups forward.  This was followed by praying for each other.

It was exciting to receive positive feedback from people who had been challenged and enthused.  A quote from a children’s worker, “Next time, I want all my leaders to come!”

We are looking forward to our next Hub where the focus will be on the importance of prayer. Looking at topics like how do we encourage children to pray and help them to connect with their heavenly Father.

These hub meetings are planned to take place once per term and to bring together everyone who is helping children to come to faith. Whether you are employed or a volunteer, whether you are in charge or just see yourself as a helper, come along and be inspired. You might find that not only do you come away with some fresh ideas, but some of the things you have done may well help a person from a neighbouring church.

Please do come and join us to be encouraged and supported in your children’s work.

Our next Children’s Work Hub is on Monday 13th March 2017, 7.45 pm at St Mark’s Church, Leamington.