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Jul 01

5 different models of effective youth ministry

One of the questions I get asked is, ‘what are the different ways of discipling young people?’ It’s a good question. To be honest, there is not one sweet way of discipling so I am always a bit wary of discussing different models or spending too much time on the latest fad in Christian youth …

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Jun 17

10 ways to start a conversation with a teenager

For many of us, the hardest part of youth work is getting a young person engaged in a conversation. I think this is why so many people shy away from young people. They just don’t believe they would ever be able to chat together. Our primary purpose as youth leaders is to get alongside each …

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May 20

5 ways to get young people praying together

  One of the essential elements of discipleship is teaching young people that they can have a personal, intimate relationship with God. He longs to engage with them and to talk with them. Sadly, too often we have made out that prayer is some weird, technically-challenging process that means only the most holy can really …

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Jun 16

Use technology to read the Bible regularly

Last week I led a youth session on how to read the Bible online. The purpose was to enable young people to realise that just because they might not read books much, it doesn’t mean they can’t read the Bible. Technology is an everyday part of life for many. I compiled a list of some …

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Mar 17

How to get a young person to open up

Mentoring young people, sharing in the highs and lows of their lives, drinking coffee or eating cake together can be a real joy and a privilege. But lets be honest, it can also be tough! Trying to engage a young person in conversation is not always the easiest thing to do. Many times have I …

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Oct 07

How to lead engaging small group discussions

It’s every youth leader’s worst nightmare. You are leading a discussion with a small group of young people except ‘discussion’ is the most ironic term to describe what’s happening. You ask a question and no one speaks. All eyes are facing the floor so there is no risk of catching someone else’s eye. it feels …

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