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Nov 24

Why you need to create a not-to-be-missed youth programme

Our youth programme is the hook we hang our relationships on in youth ministry. Our regular gatherings, whilst not being the primary purpose of youthwork, are usually the key times in the week where we get to engage with our young people. They are essential times and so we need to make sure that they …

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Oct 06

5 reasons why a youth weekend is not an optional extra

Do you ever wonder how you can help your group leap forward in their understanding, their relationships and their walk with God? Wonder no longer, as I am going to share with you what you can do to enable you to leap forward a term’s worth of youth group sessions in one weekend! I have …

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Sep 29

How to attract young people intentionally to your group

People worry about how they can grow the numbers in their youth group. We look at how many young people are in our community and we are concerned, rightly, how few are connected to our church. Or, more worryingly, we compare our group to the group at the church down the road who seem to …

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Sep 22

5 ways to attract more people to your youth group without even trying

Let’s be totally honest. We all know that the main thing about youth work is not the number of young people who come along each week. We all know how easy it is to measure success by numbers: how many came, how many got involved, how many spoke. But, there is a danger that we …

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Jul 07

All you need to host your own youth prayer night

This week’s blog post is a bit different. I want to make available to you a resource to download. As youth leaders, we are all looking for new, creative ways to engage young people in prayer and to harness their attention and passion for God. One such way of doing this is by use of …

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Jan 14

Seeing God in the school corridors

School is where most young people spend the majority of their time each week and so the church needs to work hard at helping them and encouraging them to live for God whilst at school. I find that often students haven’t thought about school from God’s perspective. It is as if it is just something …

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