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Sep 29

How to attract young people intentionally to your group

People worry about how they can grow the numbers in their youth group. We look at how many young people are in our community and we are concerned, rightly, how few are connected to our church. Or, more worryingly, we compare our group to the group at the church down the road who seem to …

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Sep 22

5 ways to attract more people to your youth group without even trying

Let’s be totally honest. We all know that the main thing about youth work is not the number of young people who come along each week. We all know how easy it is to measure success by numbers: how many came, how many got involved, how many spoke. But, there is a danger that we …

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Feb 03

Your youth group is an international mission agency

Did you know your youth group is an international mission agency? What you are doing today will make a difference around the world for years to come. Do you want to know how? The truth is that a significant number of the young people in your group today will not be living in your location …

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Sep 12

Firm Foundation 3: individual attention

Knowing that someone is pleased to see you, that people want you in a group, that people enjoy being with you, are all vital aspects for anyone as they start to belong to any group, whether this is at work, at school or at church. If we stop and think about groups we’ve been in, …

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Sep 09

Firm Foundation 2: welcoming

I have learnt that the quality of our welcome directly relates to the quality of what follows. If we get the welcome right, people are much more likely to engage with what we do the rest of the meeting. If we get it wrong, behaviour tends to be worse and the level of connection with …

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