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Nov 18

How to stop boys leaving your church

Recently we had a meeting of our Children’s work hub, a place where all those involved in Children’s Ministry locally can get together and share ideas, resources and seek advice. One of the questions that came up on this occasion was about how we can stop pre-teen boys leaving church. It’s a common issue. How …

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Jul 01

5 different models of effective youth ministry

One of the questions I get asked is, ‘what are the different ways of discipling young people?’ It’s a good question. To be honest, there is not one sweet way of discipling so I am always a bit wary of discussing different models or spending too much time on the latest fad in Christian youth …

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Jun 24

How to really love your church

As youth leaders, it is so important that we love the church that we belong to. We need to be helping the young people we lead to be finding their place in the wider fellowship of believers and to enable them to thrive amongst their peers in their church. Sadly, for far too many youth …

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Jun 10

5 ways to effectively line manage your youth worker

Line management, for many, is an under-valued tool in the church leader’s toolkit. It is our primary means of investing in those on our team and yet many leaders don’t give any time to thinking about how to best invest. I have known fantastic line managers and I have known terrible ones. What is perhaps …

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Jan 06

The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

Our new-look website was launched just over 14 months ago and has been getting good monthly viewing figures from the start, and is growing every month. Thank you for using it and I hope you find it useful. I thought it would be interesting to review what have been the most popular blog posts, viewed …

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Dec 17

Purposeful Planning Part 3: Completing your programme

If you have read my last three posts in this series on planning, you will have realised that I am a fervent believer in the planning process. This by no ways limits or restricts us from being open to what God is doing nor does it put all our trust in an imperfect programme. What …

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