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Youth work hub

New for 2018, we are launching our Youth work hubs, a termly gathering over a simple breakfast to inspire all those who work with young people through local churches. Our hub gathering on Saturday 24th November has been cancelled. The purpose is to meet like-minded people, and to share over a simple (but beautiful!) breakfast …

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Aug 07

Leaders are growing stronger thanks to Thrive’s training

Training youth leaders has been part of Thrive’s vision since the start. Alongside building confidence in youth work, enabling leaders to have the necessary skills to lead effectively has been essential. Over the years we have offered training in a variety of areas including building  an effective youth leadership team,  growing a thriving youth group, …

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Dec 16

5 ways to give the support every young person needs

The statistics on youth ministry are out and they are sober reading. It can lead us to thinking that the future has no hope, that it is inevitable that a whole generation will mature having no understanding of how much God loves them. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it gives …

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Dec 09

Mentoring is the key to longevity in youth ministry

Mentoring is basically the regular commitment to meet with someone who understands what you do, and helps you to reflect well on your circumstances, opportunities and feelings. I believe mentoring could be the single most helpful key to enabling youth ministers to develop longevity in their role and not move away when it starts to …

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Sep 09

The biggest threat to your youth work

  I was away over the summer at a youth conference and heard a story that reminded me of what must be the biggest threat to any Christian youth work. It is something that I see happening much more than I should. It is an all-too-common story. The story was of a youth group which …

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Jul 08

How to host a team meeting everyone wants to be at

No one should be doing youth work alone. You have to work in partnership with other adults, committed to seeing teenagers come to faith and live out their faith daily. To do this effectively, we must meet regularly to plan and to pray. Mention team meetings to most leaders, however, and you don’t tend to …

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